Rent and Tent Your Event

Need a tent? Rent one!

Don’t know what size or what kind? That’s ok – we’ll come out to conduct a site survey of your space to determine what tent is the best fit for your event. We’ll even create a CAD drawing of your space so you’re able to visualize your event on paper first.

We have the most comprehensive tenting inventory in the region, so no matter what size or type of event you’re having, we have a tent that will fit your needs. See below for a full list of our tents, their benefits, capabilities and options. We have event specialists that are trained to help you through the process.


Clear Span Tents:

We offer a wide range of tent styles, but this one is the most unique and most structurally sound.  Clear span tents offer great durability to withstand high winds and rain. These tents are built with box beam aluminum frame structures and no center polls that obscure views. This tent offers great versatility with the ability to be placed anywhere you can think of. This tent can have a glass or hard sides and clear or white tops adding to the uniqueness of this tent.

Frame Tent:

Need more seating under your tent, frame tents are the way to go. Just like our clear span tent, there are no center poles in the middle of the tent creating more space for entertainment. These tents can be moved fairly easily into the exact location. These tents are usually useful to cover decks, patios, and small objects.

High Peak Tent:

High Peak tents have a beauty to them. This tent has a center pointed peak and no center pole. The main support of this tent comes from a center pole supported by cables in the peak. This tent comes in clear, solid white, and side walls can be added.

Navi-Trac Tent:

Navi-Trac tents are the little brother of the Clear Span Tent. Whatever size is needed, we can make it happen. There is no maximum size this tent can be built to.  This style of tent uses fewer poles than the standard frame. This tent is built for all weather and maximum stability.

Pole Tent:

Very similar to the High Peak tent, the Pole Tent has distinctive peaks. However, there are poles in the center and the sides of the tent that gives this tent its support.  If you want special effects, this is the tent for you! These tents have extra support from the tie downs extending out from the tent and into the ground. We recommend this style for larger events.

Self Set Tent:

Self Set Tents are easy-to-use tents and can be constructed by customers. Instructions are included with these tents for easy setup. These tents are available in the following sizes: 20′ x 20′ White Self Set Tent and 20′ x 30′ White Self Set Tent.

Walk Way:

Walk Way tents are a great to add to any tent we offer. They can also be connected to each other. One unique feature is they are able to go up and down stairs and around corners.


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