Celebrating our 35th Anniversary, New COO and Rebrand


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PITTSBURGH, PA, (May 2013) – All Occasions Party Rental is pleased to announce the celebration of its 35th anniversary.  Since 1978, the company has evolved from a Taylor Rental franchise dealing primarily with tools and equipment for contractors and homeowners to the innovative, full-service event rental company it became in 2001.

“I’m proud to have come such a long way over the past 35 years and to see the company grow to what it is today,” said Art Brown, founder, owner, President, and CEO of All Occasions.  “With a larger inventory and number of employees, I am confident that we will continue to be the leader in the region in the event rental business.”

To reflect and continue the company’s 35-year progress, All Occasions announced that Jason Brown, Art’s son, has been appointed the new Chief Operating Officer (COO).  Regarding his new position Jason said, “It’s scary being handed the company after my father has always been there.  He has been a mentor and has held most of the responsibility for the company and now it is being shifted to me.  It is exciting to guide the company in a direction of even greater success in the future.”

One of Jason’s first implemented changes is to make the transition to a paperless office environment.  This change will not only cut costs, but will also make the company more environmentally friendly.  “By going green, we won’t have to buy palettes of paper every year for contracts and delivery slips,” Jason said of the changes.  “Instead, we can put that money towards the purchase of more efficient electronics like iPads and new laptops.  We won’t just be helping out the environment, but we’ll also be more competent at running our business.”  Going green is just the beginning of a series of steps that will initiate a new era at All Occasions.

“Rental companies have changed over the past 10 to 20 years, and as a company, we have become more responsive and in-tune with our customers in this ever-changing industry,” said Director of Sales and Marketing, Cindy Scott. “With the company’s expansion and growth, my attention has become increasingly focused to the needs of our customers; we have developed a comprehensive training program, refined our purchasing processes, and enhanced our marketing mindset to become a supplier that makes a difference in the event industry,” Cindy continued. “Being an industry leader means that we assist the entire event operation so that our customers benefit from our services and understand what bringing more to the table truly means – it’s not just having educated event professionals, a vast inventory and a large warehouse – it’s knowing the business and partnering with event professionals to grow the industry. From nationally known companies to mom-and-pop shops, All Occasions is a true gem in our market and I am humbled to be a part of it and see the company continue to change and expand.”


Additionally, All Occasions has joined with Bradley Brown Design Group and JA Interactive to launch a new brand and website in order to give the company a fresh, innovative look.  This rebranding revamps the logo and website, as well as the direction, strategy, mission, and values in order to communicate All Occasions’ expansion.  The company’s new tagline “Bringing more to the table” embodies the creative potential made possible by choosing to rent through All Occasions.  Further changes to All Occasions include expansion in both the Cleveland and Columbus, Ohio markets.

“We have to expect the unexpected and stay on top of the industry so we are not left behind,” Jason Brown said of the rebranding.  Echoing Jason’s thoughts is Allison Miller, Senior Marketing Director, who said, “I am more than excited to launch the fresh new brand into the market in 2013 and be a part of our new marketing and communications strategies to deliver to our current and future customers. Our new brand, website, and materials will help support the company’s goals and all of its employees to further excel in our region. We are proud to bring more to the table.”

About All Occasions Party Rental
All Occasions Party Rental is a full-service rental company that aims to provide customers with superior service and an unmatched product selection. With partners such as Rental Resource Partners, AFR Event Furnishings and Chameleon Chairs, All Occasions brings style and sophistication to each unique event.  All Occasions specializes in providing an extensive range of items and equipment in Pennsylvania, Ohio, West Virginia, Maryland and New York.  Showrooms are located in Pittsburgh and Eighty Four, PA.



For more information about All Occasions Party Rental, please contact info@allparty.com.


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