Versatility in Venues with Event Rentals

Perhaps one of the most important questions you must ask yourself as you begin the event planning process is, “Where will this special occasion take place?”

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As you attend the events of family members and friends, it is easy to fall in love with a venue space. When you go to plan your own event, then, it may feel like using those same spaces will be too similar- after all, one of the most important purposes of having the party is to make it memorable.

In this day and age, venues can be transformed in such a way that they will not resemble any other event your guests have ever attended, even if they have been to the space before.  All Occasions Party Rental is dedicated to aiding in this transformation of spaces in order to help your special event seem like nothing any of your guests have ever attended.  An example of venue versatility that has assisted by All Occasions is Duquesne University’s Academic Walk .

Located “On the Bluff” in uptown Pittsburgh, Duquesne University’s campus is tucked away from the hustle and bustle of city life while still providing the cosmopolitan atmosphere that many college students long for as they venture off on their own for the first time.  Down the center of the campus exists Academic Walk, or “A-Walk,” to students who travel the path every day on their way to the academic buildings of the university.  This space has hosted various different events, from homecoming to the student involvement expo, to the two events that were held over the weekend of June 7-9, 2013.  On Friday night, the Special Events Office

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presented the “Our Legacy in Action” reception as a celebration of the most successful communications campaign in university history.  For this event, A-Walk was filled with tents in several main areas: the entrance walkway (complete with red carpet!), a registration tent, guest tents, and catering tents.  The frame tents and Navi-trac tents provided a distinguished and chic atmosphere to the event which thanked donors for helping to raise $163.5 million.  To complete the look, Duquesne also utilized Fanfare Champagne Chameleon chairs with red pads, red and blue linens, and red draping, all in university colors.

Just two days later, the exact same location of the campaign reception had a completely different feel and theme.  Duquesne Fest, an annual summer open house for prospective and accepted students, was held on Sunday the 9th.  Several of the tents that had been on A-Walk Friday night had disappeared, and what was left was a space that served as the registration area for college students and their families.  The 50 x 120 Navi-Trac tent that had been the space for cocktails and celebration now served as an area for education and questions about the college experience.  To give the event a more informal, friendly tone, as well as serve the purpose of providing information to the guests, the university utilized white garden chairs and long banquet tables.  Beyond the change in atmosphere of the main event tent, several tents were set up on a grassy

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area just beyond A-Walk in front of the McAnulty College and Graduate School of Liberal Arts.  These smaller tents provided shade to faculty and staff members who were available to offer guidance and advice to students as they explored the different majors available.

Duquesne University exists as an excellent example of altering a venue space to better serve the needs of the special occasion.  At All Occasions Party Rental, we are dedicating to amplifying venue versatility in any way possible, as just another way to consistently bring more to the table!

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