Wedding Rental Trend Alert: We Caught the Pinterest Vintage Fever

We’re loving a popular style trend recently, and we are sure you do it. It’s vintage, and it is all the rage in weddings and events these days. It could be a combination of the popularity of The Great Gatsby movie release, thrift store shopping and Pinterest, but whatever it is, vintage is everywhere, and All Occasions is joining in!

Below are some photos of vintage tabletop settings we have found around Pinterest that we have a particular like for. Since we are committed to serving our customers at All Occasions, we have also included how our products can be incorporate to replicate these blast from the past looks.

From Pinterest: Old-Fashion Dessert Table

Photo Credit:

Photo Credit:


Some common themes in vintage styles are neutral, muted colors, mismatching pieces and recycled materials. This dessert table captures it all. We love the idea of using different types of stands and chargers to display these yummy goodies. Also, it’s an easy, affordable idea to gather old suitcases and crates to hoist up some of the stands.

Take a look at some of our products that would be perfect to include in this look:

Cake Stands

Vintage Rustic Charm

Vintage Rustic Charm

Photo credit:

Not only do we have the beloved vintage feel in this photo, but that rustic, backyard and homey feeling, which is equally as influential in the event planning world right now, is also included in this charming tabletop look. All Occasions has all of the perfect products for this one:

Rustic Charm Products

The only thing you’re missing is a couple of old books from a thrift store and burlap table runners. Complete this backyard gathering with our new Farm Chair to tie in that rustic charm. farm chair


A Floral Feel

If this floral, whimsical tablescape doesn’t take you back in time, then what will? The soft blues and yellows capture the quintessential vintage appearance.

Photo credit: blue-bird.e

Photo credit: blue-bird.e

Here’s how All Occasions would put together this theme:

Floral Feel Products


Plus, here is a bonus DIY Tip! Use unconventional items for floral arrangements. We thought our white creamer and oval sugar holder would look great holding low-lying flowers on this table setup. Also, re-purposing items Creamer and Sugarlike this saves money on buying vases and adds originality to your table.

Fancy Flashback

This photo shows a backyard wedding turned up with a little glamour and glitz. It was a great idea to utilize the tree branches to hang chandeliers and hanging flower baskets. We think we can match this look with a few of our products.

A Fancy Flashback

Photo credit:

These are the products from our inventory:

A Fancy FeelSo, there you have it; All Occasions takes a step back in time to the vintage era. It’s easy to give your wedding or next event an old-fashion feel. Remember to  take a look at our Pinterest and Idea Center for more inspiration. We even have a board dedicated for vintage themed events!

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