ROGO – Rent One Get One 35% Off

We’ve all heard of an infamous BOGO sale- buy one, get one. But, we bet you’ve never heard of a ROGO sale. Well, here at All Occasions we had to get a little creative and change BOGO to ROGO- Rent One, Get One!

A Few Details:

We are thrilled to announce our newest sale, ROGO, throughout the entire month of August. We have selected 35 of our favorite tabletop products to rent at an exclusive, can’t-be-beat offer. When you rent one select tabletopROGO AD product, you get another for 35% off.  Get it? You rent one, you get one!


So, here’s the deal, pick from the following dishware:

These Chargers:

How about something from these glassware collections:

Lastly, checkout these flatware options:

For more details on our first-ever ROGO sale, checkout our website’s specials and promotions section here.

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