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We’re proud to show off our new and improved WISH LIST feature on our website.

Using this feature, you as our valued customer, are able to add any and all items you’re interested in renting, and event products you’re just curious about, and submit them to our event specialists. Once submitted, an event specialist will contact you with additional information about the products you’ve selected.

If you’re new to this feature, here are a few steps to follow that may help you with the process.


First, go to our Products Page and select the product(s) you wish to find out more about.

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Second, update the quantity using the Left and Right arrows or type in the number.
Then, hit the blue “Add To Wishlist” button.

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You will then see your item(s) added to your wishlist at the top of your screen and to the top right of your screen. The top right wish list view will remain on the website even if you leave the Products section. This will remind you that you still have items in your wish list to submit.
Hit either “View Wish List” buttons to view your wish list.

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You will see all items currently in your Wish List. Update quantities here, if needed.
Hit the blue “Get a Quote” button to take you to the final screen.

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Or, you can hit the “Get a Quote” button that will take you straight to the final page.

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This is the final page.
Be sure to fill in all necessary information so our event specialists can best help you with your rental needs.
Add any notes you’d like to tell us all about your event.
All fields with a Red Star are required.

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As you fill out the fields, you will see them turn the color green. You’re almost done!
Hit the “Submit Quote Request” button at the bottom. This will submit all of your products and information to our event specialists.

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You should receive this confirmation page once your Wish List is received. Our event specialists will contact you with additional information.
If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call us at 877.788.8100 or email us at

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Happy shopping!

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