Catering Industry Trends

There is an increase in varieties of food and catering trends that influence customers’ creative interpretations to make their event modern yet distinctive. As a result, these food trends affect dishware selections and display items accessible to catering and events. Small dishes, tapas and interesting pairings are all-the-craze and require certain styles and sizes of dishware and glassware. Instead of a formal sit-down dinner, today’s events contain cocktail tables complete with bar stools, miniature food portions on small plates, signature drinks in unique glasses and tasting selections at food stations.

As an event rental leader, we stay on top of trends in the industry. We accomplish this through developing and supplying new dishware shapes and sizes that best fit food selections, and offer customers creative solutions for the most current concepts and product offerings.

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Adapting to Change

Catering professionals must be willing and able to quickly adapt to best serve all types of customers’ needs. As styles and trends change, so do our customers’ requests. Consumers know what they want and it is our job to listen and guide them to products that best fit their food and beverage needs. In the past, for example, a pilsner glass was only used as a beverage glass. Today, the same pilsner glass can be used as a milkshake dessert cup or for a unique vegetable display.

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In addition to re-purposing glassware, other global food inspirations are making their way on to caterers’ plates. According to Catersource Magazine and Event-Solutions, “Globally conscious customers are eager to try different styles of cooking, and popular dishes from around the world are increasingly appearing in catering. Luckily, caterers are masters of fusion, able to stir in spices from around the world while still pleasing their customers whose international tastes are not as developed.” Because of these global cuisines infiltrating dishes at events, a variety of shapes, styles, colors and textures of dishware, glassware, utensils, cookware and kitchen space is needed.

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Ongoing Education

Our team of event professionals continually strive to educate themselves on industry trends and rental items that are both creative and sustainable for all types of clients. Chafing dishes, while still used today as a traditional way of keeping food hot, is viewed as a generic way of serving to the masses with a push toward new and fresh. Ten years ago everyone was satisfied using chafing dishes for buffets and food displays. But, now everyone’s focus is to modernize food displays with multiple tiers, levels, unusual tables and food stations.

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A challenge the rental industry faces is that we have to stay creative while also keeping our rental products sustainable for multiple uses. A creative and sustainable way to keep food fresh is to offer various food displays and warming platters such as our new aluminum serving trays, platters, and tiered display with dipping bowls. The large, open surface area of these items allows for creative design while the aluminum material allows durability for both hot and cold food options. We focus on the process of cooking with catering equipment, food as an art form and the dishware that is needed to reflect this vision.

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Being Social

We have recently evolved our use of Pinterest in an effort to keep up with ever-changing social media. Our boards are used for event inspiration. A lot of our boards contain dishware, cookware, glassware and new recipes to give customers the most up-to-date styles for their events. Platforms like Pinterest have brought a creative element to the average user as opposed to ideas coming from trained culinary teams. Now more than ever people are able to create, view, like, share, follow and post their own and others’ ideas in a matter of seconds.

A great deal of these ideas are wedding and event related – whether it’s an elaborate castle wedding or a simple backyard barbecue, these photos show innovative new visions, like how to display crudités. The ideas don’t have to be elaborate – sometimes the simpler the better. And, because of the fast sharing of new ideas, we are constantly offering new dishware and catering options – we’re bringing more to the table each and every day!


Article in Columbus Food and Wine Affair.


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Reference: Catersource and Event-Solutions. 


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