Come Rain or Shine – Outdoor Events

The first day of spring is quickly approaching, although it seems that old man winter has been relentless this past year.  Thursday, March 20 will mark the first day of spring 2014 which will mean that it is time to get out and enjoy some fresh air.  March and April mean spring showers, and it is necessary to make sure your event is not rained out.  Although you cannot control the weather, there are ways you can transform an outdoor venue.



A pole tent is a one way to be sure your guests are comfortable come rain or shine.  They have a spacious interior with extra support and are great for lighting.  Side walls can be added for extra weather protection and privacy. They are elegant looking and still affordable to rent.  If you are looking to cover a patio or a tent to place up against a house or structure, frame tents are a good option.  They provide open space for extra seating.  For colder spring days, tent heaters can be set up to keep your guests warm.


Garden chairs, as seen above, pair well with rustic themed weddings and outdoor events.  They do not need to be dressed up and they are simple, made for the outdoors.  Farm chairs and farm tables are also great for country inspired events.



A candelabra can add rustic elements to an outdoor event while keeping it simple.  They create height on a table and can be used as part of a center piece.


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Edison lights are often used for outdoor events and can be strung up in tented events.  They are great to pair with candle light and provide romantic dim lighting perfect for rustic theme weddings.  If you prefer a more modern vibe for your event, wireless LED lights and glow furniture can make your event stand out.


Written by: Victoria Martin, Marketing/Communications Journalist Intern



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  2. alena May 29, 2014 at 5:25 pm #

    My little sister is getting married and I am her maid of honor. Right now we are trying to find a tent to have her reception in. She is getting married in July so it should be nice weather, but we thought a tent would be nice just in case it showers or just for shade.

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