Rent Your Wedding Decorations

Wedding season is just upon us as more and more couples got engaged over the holidays and into Valentine’s Day. Brides and grooms everywhere, especially here in Pittsburgh, PA, Columbus and Cleveland, OH, are comparing color swatches, choosing the best chairs, trying on dresses and tasting cakes. But, what we don’t often see is the planning of the smaller details that make weddings extraordinary. Some of the most important planning lies in the details. What are your centerpieces going to look like? Will there be flowers on the ceremony chairs? What will the lighting look like inside the tent once the sun goes down? Don’t worry. We’re here to help sort through all of these questions.

Some of the best ways to change your wedding ceremony and reception are through wedding decorations that add that final personalized touch. And, these can be rented and returned with no hassle to you. Because, who wants to buy wedding decorations you’re only going to use once? Here are some ways to add that personal touch to your wedding by incorporating decorations.


Simple wedding decorations can be as easy as repurposing glassware and adding a garnish. Instead of drinks in a glass, place food in them and serve to your guests as part of your wedding theme.

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Adding furniture to your wedding decorations is an easy way to allow your older or tired guests to relax after a night of dancing and eating all of that delicious cake. Wedding decorations don’t have to be small items – decorating your cocktail hour or a reserved quiet space can add a different element that your guests will appreciate while still looking fab.

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Chandeliers and Lighting

Hanging small, medium, large or extra large chandeliers in your wedding reception room or tent also serve as wedding decorations. Your lighting can make all the difference in your photographs, so be sure to up-light and hang glowing chandeliers as part of your wedding decorations.

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Dance Floor

Your guests may not know what they’re dancing on, but your dance floor will stand out from the rest of the floor. After all, it is the place to be when the music starts rockin’. Choosing a black and white indoor dance floor is another great way to add to your wedding decor. And, you can even add your own graphic element like your favorite symbol, your initials, your last name or favorite photo on the dance floor.

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Outdoor Heaters

Some outdoor decorations include lighting, games and heaters when it gets chilly. These Towers of Fire are just the right size and look for your patio. Use them at home or at your wedding to keep your guests warm.

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Mirror Table Top For Wedding Cakes

The Table Top Mirror sits on top of a round table perfectly and bounces light so your cake looks perfect. Set plates, glasses, candles and your cake serving pieces on this mirrored display to “wow” your guests. And, it won’t let your linens get dirty.

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Chair Sashes

Chair sashes are used on any type of chair to add your style to your wedding or event.


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Chair Covers


The chair covers shown below are Chameleon Chair covers that range in all different sizes, colors, shapes, textures and styles. These chairs transform to your wedding or event. No matter what wedding decorations you have in mind, there are chair covers to match your style. We also have ballroom chair slip covers that fit most ballroom chairs.



In addition to renting some of the big stuff, has a wedding decorations e-store called The Knot Shop where various smaller decorations can be purchased forparties, events and weddings. Items such as paper straws, parasols, gift card holders, customized napkins, ceremony sand and vintage flag decorations are just some of the most popular items.


Photos by:

Joey Kennedy Photography

John Sanderson Photography

Chameleon Chair 

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