New Rental Products


We pride ourselves in buying new products to best accommodate our customers, and when we get new product into the warehouse, we make sure to photograph it at its best. This summer, we received large orders of the pieces you see below.


Hammered Serving Pieces

Our newest line of serving platters called the Hammered line. These consist of two sized rectangular hammered trays, two sized square hammered trays, a hammered coffee urn and a hammered punch bowl.


Hammered Rectangle Trays – Large and Small


Hammered Coffee Urn

Hammered Square Tray Convention Highball Glasses (2)_small

Hammered Square Tray


Hammered Coffee Urn


Hammered Punch Bowl


Ojo Dishware

To match the ever-popular Ojo dishes with that really cool shape, we added Ojo Demitasse Cups so you can have your dessert with your espresso in matching dishware.


Ojo Demitasse Cups


Ojo Dish


Bar Stools

As far as seating, we’ve increased our bar stool line with the dark wood Signature Bar Stools. These have a gloss that makes the wood shine. They’re perfect for a bar setting or high top tables at a reception. And, you’ll also see the ever-popular Chameleon Bar Stools – we just love them so much we had to show them off again.

IMG_0308 copy_small

Signature Bar Stools


Champagne Chameleon Fanfare Bar Stools

Metal Tub

Summer isn’t over yet! Instead of that blue and white cooler in the back of your garage, grab our new Metal Tub for your next barbecue – fill it with a few bags of ice and a 24-pack of your favorite brewski.


Metal Tub

White Serving Pieces

If you’re a caterer or someone serving family style, take a look at our new white serving pieces. The new Samurai Bowl is large enough for pasta salad, veggies or fruit – and it has those uniquely shaped cut-outs on each side for decoration. The Portella Tray is shaped longer for bread or asparagus but is sturdy for carrying across the room. The 16″ Petals Serving Dish matches our two other petals pieces so you now can set full place settings for guests while serving them with the same style dish.


Samurai Serving Bowl


16-inch Petals Dish


Portella Tray – 18″ x 10″

Aluminum Serving Pieces

Along with the hammered line, we also carry the aluminum line of serving pieces. These aluminum pieces are so versatile that they’re being used in place of chafing dishes. Tea lights can be placed below the aluminum trays on the wrought iron stands to keep food hot. Don’t think that’s enough heat? Think again. Aluminum is a conductor of heat and with only one or two tea lights, the trays will keep your food warm. On the other hand, place ice in the aluminum bowl on a rod iron tray and keep your food cool.


Aluminum Square Tower Serving Set


Aluminum Scroll Display with 3 Round Angled Bowls


Aluminum Round Serving Tray

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