All Occasions Party Rental is committed to ecologically sound business practices. The nature of renting is the essence of sustainability…as a result, the rental industry is actually green. While rentals, as the ultimate form of “reuse”, are inherently good for the environment, All Occasions is committed to doing more.

We are developing and implementing comprehensive recycling, energy and water efficiency, and sustainable purchasing. We also are focused on operational excellence and efficiency at our distribution center.  By properly maintaining our equipment, vehicles, and facilities and minimizing second trips and wasteful/redundant processes, All Occasions saves vehicle fuel, power, water, chemicals, and natural resources. In the past few years, we have taken the following positive steps towards waste reduction and energy conservation:

  • All Occasions’ heating system, in the new 75,000-square foot facility, was converted from a steam boiler to state-of-the-art Cambridge heaters. These heaters run at 97% efficiency. The result is a 260% reduction in natural gas usage.
  • Dishwashing and laundry departments use environmentally safe detergents provided by Ecolab. These products are designed to help increase safety, lower the use of water and energy and reduce the chemicals and waste released to the environment.
  • Water usage is controlled and reduced by monitoring and metering each washing machine to eliminate waste. Working with Ecolab, our machines and water are periodically tested to assure our compliance with environmental regulations.
  • Light fixtures in the 10,000-square foot office facility were replaced with 100 high efficient four-tube fluorescent fixtures, providing an electric usage savings of 20% per year.
  • The truck fleet consists of delivery vehicles in three sizes. By using the most efficient truck, All Occasions is able to conserve fuel. 
  • Cloth linen bags are used for linen returns.
  • When possible, linen hangers are re-used.
  • Damaged linens are recycled into chair covers and/or napkins or donated to charitable organizations.
  • Parts from broken equipment are recycled to make repairs rather than throwing the parts away.
  • Cardboard from new inventory is recycled.
  • Subflooring products are protected and re-used to avoid replacing.
  • Wood is purchased from sustainable vendors.
  • Velon used on tent legs is recycled.
  • Carpeting is cleaned and re-used to maximize its usefulness.
  • Tent tops are constructed of a block-out material that provides more shade from the sun, resulting in a cooler tent.
  • All Occasions provides both white tent tops and clear tent tops. The selection should be contingent upon the weather. For example, a white top provides shade from the sun to reduce the need for air-conditioning.  During the day, a clear top will provide both light and heat. 
  • Tent sides are secured to keep either air conditioning or heat from escaping the tent. This maximizes the efficiency of air conditioning or heating requirements.

Expert, Lori Hill, Co-Founder and President of Sister Eden, promotes “Living the Green Life.” Sister Eden is proud to be a part of the growing trend towards living sustainably. They also believe that through simple and positive education and encouragement we can all make simple and positive changes that will make us feel better, and help that one planet we all live on: Earth. For more information, visit the Sister Eden website.

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