Art Brown, President & Founding Father

Art2_Bio_2013What can we say about Art? His passion of architecture has been up close and personal, from building All Occasions from the ground up over the past 35 years to now cleaning gutters and pouring concrete…the man is not afraid to get his hands dirty.

Using his experience as a pilot, Art has led the All Occasions’ team through calm skies and turbulence with a steady hand. He still insists that his staff fastens their seat belts, keeps their seat backs in their full upright positions and tray tables locked for smooth landings.

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Jason Brown, COO & Fearless Leader

Jason_Bio2_2013Jason has grown up in the event and rental business so he is used to eating, breathing and living tent setups, table decorating, forklift driving while emailing all at the same time. Jason may be in dress pants in his office or he may be in shorts in the warehouse – wherever he is, he is always willing to offer a lending hand with whatever project the team is working. And, he keeps a smile on his face no matter what. It’s his positive outlook and helping hand that keep the team motivated and happy each and every day.

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Cindy Scott, Sales Director

Cindy_Bio_2013Cindy, AKA, The Get-“Stuff”-Done-Lady, is the glue that holds us all together. As a former caterer and with over 11 years with All Occasions, Cindy knows every single venue, where and what to eat for lunch, the hottest gala of the year, what color it’s supposed to be, how high it needs to be, what time it needs to be there, the person in charge and where the best extra dirty martini is in the city.

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Kristin Nolte, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Regional Account Executive

Kristin_Bio_2013While studying at OH University, Kristin designed her own major – graduating with a Bachelor of Specialized Studies in Event Planning. She has worked in the event industry for over 10 years in various event-related positions including corporate, hotel, restaurant and university work. Kristin served on the board of the ILEA Greater Pittsburgh chapter as the President and has won two international awards: ISES Spirit of Excellence Award in Membership Recruitment and the Esprit Award for Best ISES Team Effort on the planning team of the Northeast REC 2011. She loves her awards and takes them everywhere.

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Deborah French-Gorman, Cleveland, Ohio Regional Account Executive and Bon Vivant


sssssssfffffff%)#&%(# hard working *);;;;;;kkfjdjjasdnvoasdhv !*$(@)!$*#(@ @*!(!) dedicated *$( @*!(. She is highly motivated *@) %&@(%)^ aklkfjooiar#)#*(*#)&gvnnvnaeovnllk goal oriented *% &!^%) *@&!(.

She also is a closer…of sales…and occasionally bars.

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Jon Campbell, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Regional Account Executive

Jon Bio 2016Jon has grown up working in the rental industry but has yet to mature. His love of  the industry is only eclipsed by his love for food. His job responsibilities include meeting with clients and surveying venues so that the client’s vision for the event becomes a reality. Jon has helped to plan, organize and execute the finest events in the region…and has yet to be invited to any.

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Julie Rhyner, Sales Administrator

Julie_Bio_2013Julie has an M.B.A. in Sports, Arts and Entertainment Management and a Bachelor’s in Business Administration, and has extensive experience in the corporate and legal worlds. Over the past 20 years she has served as the Entertainment Coordinator of the Pgh Irish Festival, Dir. of the Multicultural School Program and Entertainment Dir. of the Pgh Folk Festival, Entertainment Dir. of Festa Italiano Italian Festival and Entertainment Dir. of the International Taste of Pgh. Since coming on board in 2012, Julie enjoys the experience of working events from the vendor/supplier side.

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Dina Licata, Event Specialist

Dina_Bio_2013With Dina’s extensive experience along with her Master’s of Interior Architecture degree from Chatham University, she is always coming up with innovative ideas for our clients, showrooms, and events which she attends regularly, with martini in hand. With Dina’s experience in event design, she is dedicated and passionate about the industry and always puts our customers first. We are proud and grateful to have Dina as part of our team.

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Cherisse Abinanti, Event Specialist

Growing up Italian, Cherisse has a love for family and large events. She is used to constant planning, organizing and working with big groups of people, so she fits in quite nicely to our own All Occasions’ family. In her spare time, she enjoys photography and traveling.

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Kelly Kasznel, Event Specialist

Kelly Bio 2016Kelly worked in healthcare for the 1st half of her career as a registered diagnostic cardiac and vascular sonographer. With an unexpected but smooth transition into the hospitality industry, Kelly became the special events manager for for a multi-location fine dining restaurant selling private dining, event planning and execution of corporate and personal events, wine dinners and social media management. She’s done it all, ladies and gentlemen! When she’s not working on events, she can be found surrounded by family (preferably on a beach) with a coffee or wine in hand…time of day dependent.

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Chelsea Johnson, Event Specialist

Chelsea comes to us with a Bachelor’s Degree in Resort Management and two minors in Club Management and Special Event and Meeting Planning. She also has multiple years of experience in non-profit planning, hotel catering and wedding planning.  Her well rounded experiences and high-spirited personality make her a great addition to our team. As much as she loves the event industry, she loves her dogs much more!

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Ashley Martin, Event Specialist

Bio coming soon…

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Valerie Grim, Receptionist

Valerie Bio 2016Valerie came to us in May 2016 as our very needed receptionist. She has over 10 years of customer service experience so when you call us, you’ll have the pleasure of speaking to a calm, cool and collected pro. When she’s not studying the ins and outs of events, answering the constantly ringing phone or fine tuning our chandeliers, she likes to watch lightning, spend time with her kiddos and ride the Harley with her fiance who also works here – we’re waiting for the day when she rides the bike in to work while he takes the minivan.

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Doug Podany, Controller

Doug_Bio_2013Doug’s motto is “You’ve gotta swim”.  Dives into his work each day-even a controller can make a splash while sitting in a chair. He keeps his head above by staying close to the edge as wading through papers can be exhausting.  When the water is frozen he enjoys hockey but, as an accountant, tries to avoid the “red line”. You can count on him to count accurately as he has done for many years with All Occasions. Mostly tries to count his blessings.



Gail Polasky, Inventory Administrator

Gail_Bio_2013Gail, also known as the Oracle of All Occasions, knows what, she knows when, she knows who, she knows where, she knows why…well maybe not why…but she certainly knows how many and if we can get more. Gail has over 25 years with the company and we don’t know what we’d do without her and her Starbucks iced teas.




Chris Podany, Accounts Payable/IT

Chris_Bio_2013Chris gets through the day by fixing computers, paying bills and serenading the office with his angelic voice. He looks forward to the day when computers fix themselves.





Jaye Schweitzer/Accounts Receivable

Jaye BioFollowing a long roller coaster ride managing a psychiatric practice and a brief bungee plunge running her own business, Jaye is content to settle back on a Marbella sofa under the big family tent of All Occasions – just as long as she’s close to the dance floor and gets to play with numbers.




Cecelia Mallamo, Payroll and Benefits Administrator

Bio coming soon…







Shawn McNamara, Operations Manager

Shawn_Bio_2013Shawn was going to write his bio, but he’s on site putting up a tent, then later he’ll be taking down a tent, and after that, he’ll be be putting up another tent, putting it up again, then taking down another.

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Mark Marshall, Warehouse Manager

Mark_Bio_2013Mark keeps track of all our the company vehicles while simultaneously keeps track of all of the office gossip.

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Ryan Martin, Dispatcher

Ryan BioBio coming soon…

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Lynn Fitzgibbon, Linen Department Manager

Generic Coming Soon_BioBio coming soon…

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Larry, Dish Department Manager

Generic Coming Soon_BioBio coming soon…








Allison Miller, Marketing 

Allison_Bio_2013Allison has her Master of Science in Integrated Marketing Communications, is a Past President of the Pittsburgh American Marketing Association and currently serves on the board as Secretary and Executive Board. And, lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipisicing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua. Ut enim ad minim veniam, quis nostrud exercitation ullamco laboris nisi ut aliquip ex ea commodo consequat.

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Whitney Kevech, Graphic Design Director

Whitney2_Bio_2013Whitney has had quite a journey with us over the past few years. She started out as a graphic design intern, then as our graphic designer, then an event specialist, then she “went on a long vacation” for a few months, and now she is back with us as our Graphic Design Director. Welcome back, Whitney. When she grows up, she wants to be a race car driver and hold the world record for eating the most pickles in 10 minutes.

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