Art BrownPresident
Chief of ROI

No purchase goes unseen – our Founding Father lives, breathes, and will die by the ROI of all 3,000 products.

Jason BrownCOO
The Ringleader

Come one, come all. We’re just a few clowns short of a circus but JB got his juggling skills down pat by now.

Cindy ScottManaging Director
The Miracle Worker

You need to transform a room with white carpet and printed vinyl in 3 days during a national blizzard? Not a problem.

Beth RiederGeneral Manager
Master of Puns

If you need a solution, a fresh perspective, or just some good old-fashioned leadership, Beth is the person to turn to. Just be ready for a few puns and one-liners along the way.

Kristin SummersSales Manager
The Social Butterfly

If you’re anybody, she knows ya. 17 years of mingling and networking gives “Nolt” the title she so greatly deserves.

Julie RhynerSr. Account Manager
The Office DJ

Uncanny, we know. Not the title you would expect but Jul got the tunes for her cubicle…and the whole sales office.

Dina PirolloSr. Account Manager
The Décor Diva

Whether she’s styling the showroom or her wardrobe, Dina has a way with design and kills it every time.

Allison HinesAccount Manager
The Go-To Gal

Sales? Got it. Vinyl install? Got it. Holiday dinner planning? Got it. Allie has it under control – all with a croissant in hand.

Danielle AriaAccount Manager
The Sponge

New to the events world, Danielle soaks it all in and throws it right back out. Whether she’s writing your next order or seeking new business, D is handling it like a pro.

Jill PampenaAccount Manager
The Solution Seeker

If there’s a will, there’s a…Jill. Her experience in the industry has her equipped to take on all your event’s challenges, good or bad!

Stacy StollerAccount Manager
The Energizer Bunny

With a background in catering, this girl’s always on the GO! Whether you’re stopping by the showroom, on-site at a venue, or at a local networking event, you’re sure to bump into Stace.

Ashley CarpenterAccount Manager
Head Cheerleader

Nominated as Head Cheerleader, Ash will be sure to hype us up…and feed us in the process.

Ryan MartinOperations Manager
The Captain of Chaos

Thrives in the chaos, shines in the mess. Ry got a handle on this ship, and he isn’t letting us sink.

Steve SummersOperations Manager
The Realist

When we’re in a pickle, he’ll let us know. But don’t let him fool ya, at the end of the day, he got all his ducks in a row.

Jocelyn WrightDispatcher
The Route Wrangler

Ever try wrangling a herd of cows on a hot summer day? No? Well, that’s the equivalent to Jocelyn’s day-job (and she doesn’t even break a sweat)!

Chaz JohnsonWarehouse Manager
The Nighthawk

Night shift isn’t for the faint of heart, and Chaz rocks it on the daily. Yes, this ship sails 24/7 and Chaz got the steering wheel at dusk.

Andy RothWarehouse Manager
Get Sh*t Done Dude

What goes out, must come in…and best believe he knows about it. 100k square feet got nothin’ on Andy.

Cory WatkinsDish/Linen Supervisor
The Guru

Missing 1,000 forks? It’s fine. No stone goes unturned. Cory is able to fix any problem, no matter how hard!

Joel FitzpatrickProduction Supervisor
The Jack of all Trades

Honorary electrician, drape finesser, lighting king, or site surveyor, whatever you wanna call him – he’s on the job.

Whitney DemchakCreative Director
The Creative Connoisseur

This message is brought to you by: Whitney. No really…I actually typed this. Content creation, design and all things creative fall under my job description. And yes, Chat GPT did help.

Amber WellmanPrint Production Manager
The Print Powerhouse

Kicking a** and taking names. From design to install she’s got it “under wraps” all while downing an energy drink and sprinting off to a concert.

Pete SewschekController
Number Crunching King

Pete can turn a loss into a profit with just a flick of his wrist (or a few keystrokes). Just don’t ask him to pull a rabbit out of this hat – he’s all about the money, not the magic.

Olha DevlyshAssistant Controller
Spreadsheet Ninja

She’s got the formula and she isn’t afraid to use it. She’s got so many tricks up her sleeve…she could probably calculate the meaning of life.

Gail PolaskyInventory Administrator
The Office Oracle

How many teacups are in inventory? What year did the company start? Who rented all the 8’ tables? Gail’s got the answers, and she has the notes from 1978 to prove it.

Jaye SchweitzerPayroll & Benefits Admin/Admin Assistant AR
The Multitasking Machine

Human Resources has a whole new meaning when it comes to Jaye. She literally is the resource for all. HR, accounting, payroll, you name, Jaye handles it.

Chris PodanyAccounts Payable

Catch him at the bank or in the server room. As if paying all our bills isn’t hard enough, Chris manages to be our on-site techie when there’s a glitch in the system.

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