SKU: 1302
Chameleon Gold Chair


  • Custom Gold frame
  • Customize this chair with any color and fabric cover


Chameleon seating, with its unique and elegant silhouette, sexy tapered legs and attention to detail, is easily recognized and coveted by today’s foremost designers, event planners and venues. Chameleon chairs always make a statement, featuring a plush cushion, ergonomic design and luxurious presentation. The Chameleon Chair Collection not only takes pride in our product but values our loyal and supportive clients. With this in mind, we ensure that our chairs are not only artfully created but versatile as well. Our seating can be used as designed or dressed with one of our many custom-tailored covers. Always the trendsetter, Chameleon draws its inspiration from the world of fashion, seeking to provide its clients with cutting-edge style. Chameleon’s wardrobe is featured in an array of colors and textures, appealing to the chic and sophisticated as well as those with a more casual or whimsical flair.


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